why do my dentures hurt

Why Do My Dentures Hurt?

At some point or another, you will experience pain from your dentures. As you age, your mouth changes, requiring your dentures to be relined to fit your new mouth shape. There are also other reasons that your dentures could be hurting you. What’s most important to understand is that when you start experiencing discomfort from your dentures, it’s time to schedule an appointment at Pro Dental Dallas. 

Why Do My Dentures Hurt So Bad?

When your dentures stop fitting correctly, it will cause discomfort and pain in your mouth. Some of the reasons your dentures may not fit correctly any longer include losing or gaining weight in your face and the loss of bone in your jaw as you age. 

Another thing that can be painful is when you have mouth inflammation called denture stomatitis (also known as thrush of the mouth). This happens as a result of not properly cleaning your dentures. It’s important to properly clean your dentures twice a day (just as often as you would your natural teeth). 

How Can I Make My Dentures More Comfortable?

If you are new to wearing dentures, then you will need to expect a little bit of an adjustment period as your mouth gets used to the prosthetic. However, you should expect to come back to our office for a few appointments to adjust your dentures to be more comfortable. As your gums heal and the swelling goes down, we will reline your dentures to fit the shape of your mouth. 

Some people like to use a small amount of denture adhesive to keep dentures in place when they are eating or talking. This can help the prosthetic feel more comfortable if it is slipping around. But, if your dentures are uncomfortable, please schedule an appointment with us for an adjustment. 

Do Dentures Ever Stop Hurting?

Yes, your dentures should stop hurting over time and with enough adjustments. Our goal is to make sure your teeth feel comfortable and serve you well. With proper cleaning, regular visits to our office, and adjustments, you should be able to feel comfortable while wearing your dentures. 

How Long Does It Take For New Dentures To Settle?

While everyone is different with their healing process, it’s not uncommon for you to take 4-6 weeks to get used to your new teeth. However, don’t think that you have to live with dentures that are uncomfortable. Please let our office know if you are experiencing pain or discomfort and we’ll get you in for an appointment. 

What’s Good For Sore Gums From Dentures?

As your gums are getting used to your new teeth, you may experience soreness. To help relieve the discomfort, you can rinse your mouth with salt water, take a pain reliever, or apply a topical anesthetic. 

How Many Hours A Day Should You Wear Your Dentures?

You can wear your dentures as long as you like while you are awake, but you should remove them to sleep at night. It’s best to let the tissue under your gums rest 6-8 hours a day. Aside from letting your gums rest, sleeping in your dentures can cause them to break. 

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