Maintain Your Whitened Smile with Whitening Strips

Having discolored teeth and a stained smile can hinder your appearance. One of the best ways to remove those surface stains and enhance your smile is with a professional teeth whitening treatment at Pro Dental Dallas. Once you whiten your teeth, it’s best to maintain that whiteness, right? Right. So, Dr. Jason Roe and our dental team have a tip for you that can help you maintain your professionally whitened smile: use whitening strips!

Whitening strips are clear, thin sheets of plastic that have been covered with a whitening gel which is also known as hydrogen peroxide. When whitening your teeth, you will apply the strips to your teeth for the certain amount of time recommended on the instruction sheet. While you wear them, they will remove your tooth stains all while being almost invisible to your friends and family. As you whiten your smile, it’s best to avoid drinking, using tobacco, and eating because these things can interrupt the whitening process and even ruin your whitening strips.

Now, remember: even though these whitening strips can brighten your teeth and enhance your smile, they will not be able to whiten major tooth stains. This is why they are best when simply wanting to maintain an already professionally whitened smile. These strips can remove minor surface stains before they set into your teeth, which can help you avoid having to receive another professional whitening treatment altogether.

Besides whitening strips, there are other things that can help you keep your professionally whitened results; cutting back on dark foods and beverages, drinking dark beverages through a straw, and avoiding the use of tobacco.

If it is difficult for you to remove the stains on your teeth, don’t hesitate to call our office at 972-931-1777 to schedule a whitening treatment in Dallas, Texas. You can also schedule with us online here. If you would like to learn more about our whitening treatments, please click here. We look forward to helping your smile shine!

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