When to See a Dentist

Many people want to avoid their six-month dental exams. Yet, patients who avoid their dental office are often diagnosed with dental anxiety or dental phobia. These conditions can keep you from getting the treatments you need to keep your oral health in positive condition. As a result, most people who avoid the dentist are usually the ones who end up experiencing greater expenses and pain due to neglecting their oral care.

If you feel nervous coming to the dentist, we want to make sure you know when dental anxiety or dental phobia arises when you visit our friendly dentist Dr. Jason Roe at Pro Dental Dallas. We will make sure you receive the quality your smile needs so you can keep your smile in healthy shape.

If you feel a sore spot inside your mouth that doesn’t seem to be going away, make sure you come in to talk to us right away. This could be a sign of a cyst or even oral cancer, so it’s best to get checked right away.

If you have overly sensitive teeth to any hot or cold foods and drinks, this could be a sign of a severe cavity. To avoid any tooth loss, it is best to visit your dentist to get this checked out. If there is a cavity, having it corrected could save your tooth. Otherwise, you could risk losing your tooth. If you are pregnant, the changes in your body make is more susceptible to risk for gum disease. So, make sure you are keeping up with your oral health.

Signs of gum disease include persistent bad breath, swollen gums, and bleeding gums. If you show any of these signs, remember to visit our office right away so that we can reverse this serious condition before you lose all your teeth or suffer bone loss.

If you feel you might be showing signs of gum disease, please call us today at 972-931-1777 or click here to make an appointment. You can also click here to learn more where we are located. We are happy to help you feel safe and comfortable in our care.

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