What is a Dental Bridge?

Here at North Dallas Denture Center, we provide a high quality of care to our patients. Those that come into our office are looking for our team to help them feel confident in their smile. One of the treatments that we often prescribe are dental bridges.

What is a Dental Bridge?

When a patient is missing one or more teeth, we have a few different dental treatment options. Depending on your particular needs, a dental bridge may be the best option. This is when we attach manufactured teeth to adjacent teeth or onto dental implants.

Tooth Supported Dental Bridge

Tooth supported dental bridges are attached to healthy teeth that are next to the missing teeth. The healthy teeth are shaped in order to allow the dental bridget to fit onto it properly.

Oral health care with a tooth supported bridge is similar to that of natural teeth. You will clean the teeth as usual with a toothbrush.

It is important to note that if you have a large span that you are covering with the bridge, you will need to be careful what you bite down on. It is best to not bite down on hard things like ice, or it could break the attachment.

Implant Supported Bridges

If you have a strong enough bone structure in your jaws, you might be a good candidate for dental implants. We are able to anchor the implants into your jawline. This makes for a more stable fixture.

Often, we will suggest this type of procedure if you are missing several teeth. It provides more support than tooth supported bridges. We will place two or more implants depending on how many teeth we are needing to replace.

Do Dental Bridges Look Like Natural Teeth?

A bridge is usually made of porcelain or other materials that are natural. We will fashion the teeth in such a way that it looks like your natural smile. Dr. Roe will match the enamel color to look like your surrounding teeth.

If you would like to brighten your teeth, we will do that ahead of time so that the bridges are made to match your whiter enamel.

Many people chose this route for their treatment plan, because it looks beautiful as well as highly functional.

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