What Causes Denture Pain?

Many denture wearers will experience denture pain at some point or another. The pain they feel can vary from a minor annoyance to something that is more serious. Today, I want to share with you some of the common reasons a patient might experience discomfort.

Ill Fitting Dentures

A number of the patients we see that complain of pain are usually wearing ill fitting dentures. Either they have been wearing a pair that never fit them properly, or over time it has started slipping. When the denture is not snug enough on the gum line, it will rub and cut your gums.

Here at North Dallas, we are able to fix these prosthetics to fit the shape of your mouth better. Sometimes, minor adjustments need to be made. Other times, a new set has to be crafted. Either way, we are capable of handling all of your denture needs.

Bacteria and Buildup in the Mouth or On The Dentures

Your dentures need to go through an extensive cleaning from time to time, just as your natural teeth. It is important to come in and have your regular dental hygiene appointments to ensure all of the bacteria is removed from your mouth and your false teeth.

If you are experiencing a buildup of bacteria, you will experience redness on your gums. It can also lead to infections that will need to be treated with antibiotics.

Other symptoms could mean white patches of yeast on your skin or under the prosthetic itself. Make sure that you are checking for these signs on a regular basis.

Refusing to Wear Your False Teeth

It takes time to adjust to a new set of teeth. You might experience discomfort and soreness while your mouth adjusts to having the teeth in. Those that do not wear their teeth throughout the day never grow accustomed to the feel.

If you diligently wear your dentures and the pain or irritation does not subside, then it is time to schedule an appointment with us. We can see what is going on. After a few adjustments, you might find the relief you are looking for.

Tips to Reduce The Chances of Pain

There are a few things you can do that will help to reduce the risk of experiencing denture pain.

  • Have regular dental checkups
  • Clean your teeth on a daily basis
  • Use approved denture cleaning solutions
  • Wear your teeth all day and remove at night
  • Make an appointment if the pain does not go away

We are able to help you with your dental issues, no matter what you are experiencing. Dr. Roe is a denture specialist in Dallas and also handles many oral cosmetic procedures.

If you have need of a consultation, please contact us today and we can help you.=

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