We’re a Few Weeks From Opening Our New Office

Amazing things are happening at our new location on Village Creek Drive. Today, they came and put our sign together. If you were to walk around the office, you’d see a lot of great progress. In fact, it’s coming together so fast now, we can barely keep up with the pictures!

ProDental Expected to Open in October

We are planning to open our new office in October. So far, we are on track to be back in business within the first few weeks of the month. Our construction crews are working day after day to get the details wrapped up.

Here’s a few new things that they have accomplished this week:


Every room has cabinets and shelving now! This is very exciting to us because we can start to visualize how we will take care of our patients from day to day. There is so much more space for us to work on our patients and to help them feel welcome.


Not all of the doors are installed yet, but the pretty ones are. We love the wood doors with glass. These aren’t painted yet and the glass hasn’t been frosted yet. It won’t be long before those details come together as well.

Our Sign!

One of the things we are most proud of is our new sign! We’ve spent the last few weeks working with HighTech Signs of DFW to get our sign complete. There is always a lot of thought that goes into details like this because it is front and center in the room. Didn’t they do a great job?

We can’t wait to have you come out and see our new office. Keep checking back to see our progress and keep up with our updates.

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