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“ProDental Dallas …. great dental practice…”

As mentioned on our website, ProDental Dallas is another name for the same great dental practice that has been located on Preston road just south of George Bush for over 12 years.  Initially, Dr. Gary Solomon, a comprehensive, general dentist cared for hundreds of patients at this location.  For years, he provided exceptional care and personal attention to every patient that walked through the doors.

“ProDental Dallas … providing professional, prosthetic dental solutions.”

During recent years, Dr. Gary Solomon began focusing on dental prosthetics.  He gained metroplex-wide reputation for his quality dentures.  Dr. Jason Roe teamed up with Dr. Solomon to bring his own flare to the practice.  Dr. Roe, a board-certified prosthodontist, is a dentist with advanced training in Cosmetic and Prosthetic Dentistry.  Dr. Roe, choosing to continue the cosmetic and prosthetic focus of the practice, created ProDental Dallas.  ProDental Dallas, is your local, cosmetic dental office providing professional, prosthetic dental solutions.

Whether you are a young collegiate looking for teeth whitening or a large-firm CEO looking for an extreme smile makeover, Dr. Jason Roe brings international experience and personalized attention to Dallas dentistry.  As a prosthodontist, the only ADA accreditated cosmetic dental specialist, Dr. Roe has both the experience and education to handle any mouth issue.  If your looking for a professional, visit ProDental Dallas.

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Be sure to keep an eye out for our soon-to-release Prodental Dallas website.  Check it out to find out additional information about the practice and services offered.  In addition, you will find plenty of educational information and videos.  We know you will like what you see and want to visit, but, don’t take our word on it, check out the many testimonials at www.prodentaldallas.com.




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