Traditional Partial Dentures

partial dentures

Traditional partial dentures consist of pink acrylic gums and acrylic teeth. Both are supported by a metal substructure. The substructure is cast out of metal and fabricated to be very thin and smooth. Metal is used because it can be made very thin and yet still have the strength necessary to support the gum and teeth replacements for full dentures.

What Are Traditional Partial Dentures?

A traditional partial denture is fabricated to receive support and retention from the remaining teeth. Certain areas of the metal substructure are fabricated to rest on the chewing surface of the teeth, which gives the traditional partial support while chewing. Other areas of the metal substructure aid in retention.

These areas, called clasps, clasp onto the adjacent teeth and gently hold the partial in place of the missing teeth. It keeps the prosthetic from moving when you are chewing, talking, and doing normal everyday activities.

What About Adjacent Teeth?

Sometimes the teeth adjacent to the missing teeth are broken down and in need of repair. In these circumstances, survey crowns are often needed. Survey crowns are fabricated to have the proper contours to work well with a traditional, removable partial denture.

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