Tooth Fairy Costs

Did you know that the tooth fairy now has a smartphone app? Yes, it’s true! VISA is the company that helps track the expenses for the tooth fairy and can tell you the rate for a tooth based on your family’s location and situation. This is just an idea to go on. In fact, many parents have recorded grabbing what they could from their pocket or the bottom of their purse. However, VISA did an annual survey that did offer interesting data, which told us the average amount of money the child received this year is down from 2013’s record high.

One surprising result was that fathers are bigger spenders than the mothers. In fact, the average amount left under a pillow by a dad was $4.20, while the mother averaged around $2.90. This shows that fathers pay nearly 50% more than the average mom does.

After this report, it is easy to wonder if the tooth fairy is facing tough times because now, 3.6% of children receive $20 or more. That is a large amount for a tooth, but wouldn’t it be nice if we all had that much for our baby teeth?

This report also showed that most children, especially the younger ones, were not impressed by big dollar amounts. They showed more excitement about a silver or gold dollar than paper bills. Even small toys or trinkets may be a better, more exciting option for a child than money.

If you would like to see this app for yourself, check it out here!

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