Tips for Your Dentures

If you wear dentures then you know how challenging it can be at times, especially when you are learning to adjust to them. That is why Pro Dental Dallas is happy to give you the tips you need to wear your dentures properly.

When you first begin your denture experience, try adjusting with softer foods like yogurt, ice cream, cooked veggies, fish, and eggs. Take small bites as you eat. Over time, you can try adding firmer foods to your diet.

Denture adhesives also help many people with dentures. This is because the adhesives work to keep the appliance in place, so your dentures can feel secure and stable. Remember, you will need to read the adhesive instructions carefully. It only takes a small amount to be extremely effective at keeping them in place.

If you practice talking with dentures on your own, perhaps in front of a mirror or reading out loud, your mouth will become more familiar with the feel of the appliance. This can also help your tongue adjust to the new equipment in your mouth.

If you feel your denture is slipping as you eat, try to gently bite down and swallow. This will help move your dentures back into the proper place. Over time, it may be common for your dentures to feel loose or not well-fitted. If you feel this way, make sure you come back into our dental office to have it adjusted properly.

If you would like to learn more, click here for a more detailed explanation. Dr. Jason Roe and his dental team are happy to assist you. If you need an appointment, please call us today at 972-931-1777, or schedule online by clicking here.  We are happy to help you keep your restored smile healthy and confident!

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