The Reasons You May Have Bad Breath

Halitosis, also known as chronic bad breath, is a condition that one in every four Americans has. Are you feeling the need to constantly use wintergreen mints or spearmint gum to freshen your breath? If so, it could be you are part of the twenty-five percent of people struggling with halitosis.

Bad breath could be prevented in a variety of ways. Some of these are through proper dental hygiene. Brushing and flossing your teeth after meals will remove food particles from your teeth and reduce plaque and bacteria from rotting your teeth. If you floss daily, you are clearing away the bad bacteria that is in the hard-to-reach places between your teeth and along your gum line.

Gum disease is another common factor for halitosis. Gum disease can come from improper dental hygiene, which affects the gums and spreads bacteria in your mouth. This can be avoided through brushing and flossing, but most of all by visiting your dentist, Dr. Jason Roe, every six months. These visits are intended to keep your smile in great oral health.

We all know there are certain foods that can make our breath less than desirable. Onions, garlic, cheese, and even sodas can cause bad breath. By limiting these items from your diet, you could help keep your breath in fresh shape.

Saliva naturally cleans your mouth, so when your mouth is dry, you are not producing a healthy amount of saliva to keep your teeth clean. As a result, drinking water if you suffer from dry mouth can help your oral health.

Respiratory infections and medications you are taking can affect your smile too. If you have an infection in your chest, sinuses, throat or mouth, this could be the cause of your halitosis.

Chronic diseases can affect your inner organs to not function as they should. That is why they can cause bad breath as a sign of other things going on in the body.

Starvation or intense eating disorders can often result in an extremely bad breath because of the chemicals that break down in your body when you skip meals. Eating a healthy diet with the proper amount of meals is not only healthy for your smile but will improve the health of your body and quality of your life.

No matter what trigger is causing your bad breath, please remember our team here at Pro Dental Dallas in Dallas, Texas is happy to help in any way we can. You can click here to see where we are located or call us at 972-931-1777 to speak to a member of our staff. You can also click here to schedule an appointment. We are happy to give you the fresh, healthy smile you deserve!

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