Survey Crowns

Most patients do not come to the dentist seeking survey crowns, but in some circumstances, Dr. Jason Roe may recommend you receive a survey crown.

A survey crown is a full coverage restoration or cap that completely encompasses the tooth and, at the same time, functions under a patient’s partial denture.  Traditional partials require the partial to rest on various teeth for support. Sometimes the teeth that must be rested upon require a full coverage restoration.  A survey crown can provide for a change in shape and color while also providing strength to the tooth supporting the partial denture.

If you have a traditional partial or are considering a traditional partial and need a crown, you will likely encounter the suggestion for a survey crown. Just as a surveyor studies the contours of the land, your survey crown will be fabricated with the appropriate contours to work well with your current or intended partial denture. Your dentist at Pro Dental Dallas will make certain that your survey crown in Dallas, Texas, fits comfortably and effectively. For more information about survey crowns and their uses, we welcome you to call or visit our dental office today. We are committed to helping you improve your smile.