Stop Living Out Of A Glass

Each night, millions of people have to remove their teeth and place them in a glass of water before going to sleep. Many, desiring that not even the closest person in their life see them without teeth, do this after all the lights are turned out. If you are faced with the possibility of losing all or some of your teeth, think outside of the glass.

Teeth are more than just things to chew with. The teeth support the cheeks and lips, ridding the face of unwanted wrinkles. They also aid in speaking. Most importantly, teeth are the first thing people notice about an attractive smile. Replacing missing teeth can be life changing, visually subtracting years off of your age and restoring your self-confidence!

Using the latest technologies, Dr. Jason Roe and his team transform lives by offering same-day replacement teeth to those losing teeth. Recent advances allow patients to never again have to put their teeth in a glass of water each night. Leave them in the mouth, where teeth belong! Eat, talk, and smile with confidence knowing that your teeth are secure and natural.

What others say:

“…I forget that they aren’t my real teeth.”

“I can chew almost everything.”

“Dr. Roe and his entire staff really are the best at their profession. From the moment you check in until the moment you leave (and the follow up call that evening), they are always making sure you are taken care of in the very best way. They function as a team and delivery a top-notch experience. I know I’m in great hands.”

“I found ProDental Dallas through a Google search. From the first time I spoke with them on the phone, I felt comfortable. I cancelled my first appointment with Dr. Roe for the sake of a ‘free’ consultation with [another office], where I felt like a piece of meat and never saw a dentist, but rather was pitched their product by a hipster salesman who called me ‘bro’ several times. Immediately after that, I called back for a new appointment with Dr. Roe. When I arrived for my appointment, I immediately felt that comfort I had felt over the phone. The staff at ProDental Dallas are friendly and professional. Best of all, Dr. Roe himself sat down with me and gave me his time and attention, explaining everything to my satisfaction. I left feeling like my needs and desires for a new smile were completely understood. I’m going back next week.”

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