Single Tooth Replacement

tooth replacement options after extraction

There are many replacement options after tooth extraction procedures. One of the most outstanding benefits of dental implants is that they allow a single missing tooth to be replaced in the mouth without working on any other teeth. In this circumstance, implants also allow the missing tooth to be replaced permanently in the mouth. There are also options for removable partial dentures depending on the oral health of the mouth.

A crown connected to an implant does not have to be taken in and out of the mouth like a partial dentures. It is custom fabricated to blend with the remaining teeth, take the place of the missing tooth, and feel and function just like a natural, healthy tooth. Replacement missing teeth is a wonderful confidence boost, and can make your smile visually stunning.

In addition to restoring a missing tooth to the dental arch, dental implants have other functions. When a tooth is lost, the bone that surrounded that tooth does not have a purpose. Without needing to support a tooth, the bone begins to dissolve.

When an implant is placed, the implant stimulates the bone to grow more densely around the implant. In essence, the implant keeps the body from dissolving the jawbone. Not only does a single tooth replacement with an implant look great, but it will also function like a natural tooth.

With the implant fully integrated, the implant provides exceptional stability, allowing one to eat foods like the tooth was never lost in the first place.

If you’re missing teeth or looking for tooth replacement options after an extraction, schedule a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Jason Roe, today to see about a single tooth replacement with a dental implant in Dallas, Texas. Don’t let nervousness or fear discourage you! Fear is mostly about the unknown.

Visit or call us today at Pro Dental Dallas to learn more. The more you learn about implants, the more you will see the benefits they offer.

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