Senior Smiles Need Special Care

If you are considered a senior, then it is important to take extra special care of your teeth, which means it may be time to call our office at Pro Dental Dallas in Dallas, Texas, to set up an oral exam and cleaning. Our office has dentists that specialize in senior dental care and we are able to provide you the additional treatment you need.

Did you know that age can wear on your smile? Over time, there are things we do every day like talking, eating, and even oral hygiene routines, which can all take a toll on your teeth. Medical conditions like diabetes and heart disease can also play a role in your oral health. In fact, these conditions can increase your risk for gum disease, which can cause tooth loss and even bone loss if left untreated.

Is There Special Care For Seniors?

The short answer is, yes, there is special care needed for seniors. As their teeth age and oral health care habits change, it can cause many issues with their ability to eat. Having teeth that are functional is vital to sustaining life.

Not only are seniors at greater risk of losing their teeth due to many factors, they often have medical conditions that must be considered. Dental procedures need to be tailored to individuals based on their medications and health conditions. A prosthodontist is a specialist that offers crowns, bridges, dentures, and implants.

Dental Care For Dentures and Crowns

Whether you have dental implants, dentures, partial dentures, or even denture bridges, it is even more important to care for them properly so they can continue to work effectively for you and your smile. If you brush your teeth every morning and night, floss at least once every day, and rinse your mouth with mouthwash, you can keep your appliance clean and healthy through the years.

However, even if you take great care of your dental prosthetics, you need to visit a dentist that can care for you as you age. Often time, the seniors that we work with are on medications for health problems that could cause conflicts with dental procedures. It is important to go to a prosthodontist to take care of your dentures and crowns because they have the additional training needed to handle complicated oral health cases.

Senior Dental Care For Patients With Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Going to a prosthodontist is also very important if your loved one is a dementia or Alzheimer’s patient. You need a dentist that has a gentle hand and experience handling patients with these conditions. Here are Pro Dental, our prosthodontists have helped many patients with these health concerns as well as many others.

If you feel it’s time for your dental check-up, please call our office at 972-931-1777 or click here to set up an appointment with Dr. Jason Roe. We want you to keep smiling in confidence, and we are more than happy to help you in all stages of your life.

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