Sedation dentistry is often advertised and publicized as the key to a good dental experience.  It receives this claim based on its ability to help one relax and not remember.  Studies differ on the amount of the population that needs sedation dentistry, but all agree that sedation dentistry is a great option for the highly, dental phobic. 

Some studies elude that up to 50% of the population put off visiting their dentist simply because of fear or anxiety.  Its unfortunate because dentistry has really come a long way in the last 50 years.  We take great care to make sure that each patient is relaxed and comfortable. 

It would be great if every patient would naturally feel that way, but we realize that some patients need a little help in that area.  Prodental offers sedation dentistry in Dallas for those that fall into this category.

Sedation Dentistry Dallas, TX ~ For those who’ve “always hated going to the dentist.”

As a dentist, I can’t count the number of times I have had a patient tell me the following:  “No offense, doc, but I’ve always hated going to the dentist.”  I never take offense, always smile, and immediately know that this patient is at the least a mild dental phobic.  They are, at the least, nervous of any procedures and worried that something will hurt. 

Sometimes, the main fear, is fear of the unknown.  Sometimes, they’ve had a bad past dental experience and believe that every experience in the future will be the same way.  The truth is:  It doesn’t have to be!  With sedation dentistry, an anxious, dentist-hating, phobic can take a pill or two and simply drift into a sleepy state. 

Pills Are Used For Sedation Dentistry

The pills are given in the office often about 1 hour before the procedure.  Once medicated, the patient will encounter a couple of effects.  First, one will become very sleepy.  I often tell patients that they will feel like they just got out of bed at 3 AM to go to the bathroom. 

They can’t wait to just lay back down and shut their eyes.  Of course, just as at 3 AM, they can think and talk, but they may not remember much of the conversation in the morning.  Sedation dentistry is very similar.  One gets sleepy, calm, and often can’t remember a lot of what occurred.

Here are a few things that people ask us when they come in for this procedure: 

What is Sedation is Used For Dentistry? 

For those that have a hard time mentally with getting their teeth cleaned, sedation is used to help the patient feel calm. They are not put to sleep, but are fully conscious. However, the medications that are used help take the edge off and let them feel relaxed. 

How Long Does Dental Sedation Last? 

Every person responds differently to dental sedation. The effects could last for an hour to 24 hours after the treatment. If you’ve never had dental sedation before, it is best that you don’t schedule yourself for anything afterward. Once you know how your body will handle the sedation, you will know what to expect with future cleanings. 

Does it Really Work? 

Yes! This is a great option for those that are scared to go to the dentist. It’s important that you get your teeth cleaned regularly for your overall health, not just your oral health. That’s why we offer dental sedation at Prodental to help our patients. 

Will I Feel Any Pain With Dental Sedation? 

While we can’t guarantee that any treatment will be pain-free, we do everything we can for our patients to make them comfortable. Dental sedation is designed to help you relax and have little memory of the treatment. 

Do You Talk During Conscious Sedation? 

You are awake during conscious sedation and capable of speaking. When the dentist or hygienist asks you questions or needs you to move for them, you will be able to do that. 

Sedation Dentistry Dallas, TX ~ Enjoy the road to your new smile!

If you’re a patient who has ever said or thought:  “I hate going to the dentist,” then consider sedation dentistry at Prodental Dallas.  If you’ve always wanted the smile you’ve dreamed about, but are just too worried to go through the appointments to get there, consider sedation dentistry.  Sedation dentistry will do more than let you enjoy your new smile.  It will help you enjoy the road to your new smile!  Call Prodental Dallas today and ask about sedation dentistry.

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