Restore the Full Function of Your Smile

Did you know that you can restore the full function of your smile? Dental implant technology has been used effectively for over twenty years, leaving waves of restored smiles in its wake. Thanks to the advances in modern dentistry, dental implants can restore more than one teeth in other ways, like anchoring dental bridges or full dentures into place.

For some people, a bone graft procedure may be needed first in order to have a dental implant. The bone graft is designed to restore the bone material to your jaw, so your smile is strong enough to support the dental implant. When you first come into our office for your consultation, our very own board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Jason Roe may run a series of x-rays or scans to get a clear picture of your bone structure.

During the procedure, you will be sedated, so make sure you have someone to drive you home. While you are in surgery, a narrow channel will be created to place the titanium implant into place. Titanium is ideal because it is biologically safe and works well in your body. Over time, it will bond to your body creating a very strong anchor for your tooth.

Once everything is healed, you can be fitted for either a dental crown, bridge, our dentures, depending on your specific needs. To learn more about dental implants, click here for more information. You can also call our Pro Dental Dallas staff at 972-931-1777 or click here to set up an appointment. Let us help you get your smile restored!

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