Restore Multiple Lost Teeth With a Dental Bridge

Over twenty years ago when dental implants began as a dental treatment, they were primarily used to replace one single lost tooth. Thanks to modern dentistry and continued advances in modern technology, dental implants have evolved in a variety of ways. Now they are also an effective option for anchoring a dental bridge tightly in place.

Like most dental procedures, the consultation begins with x-rays. This is vital because it gives your doctor a clear picture of your jaw and the strength of your jaw bone. If you have had a lost tooth for a significant amount of time, you could have incurred bone loss. If that occurs then a bone grafting procedure might be necessary before your dental implant service.

When it is time for your dental implant surgery, remember you will be deeply sedated, so keep in mind it’s important to have someone with you to drive you home afterward. There is also a healing process involved, so having soft foods and drinks can help you during this period.

Once the gums are healed and your dental implant is safely inside your gums, your dentist, Dr. Jason Roe can begin the process of creating a dental crown to complete your smile. With proper care and treatment, this restoration can last for years to come.

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