Replacing Large Fillings

Dr. Roe offers dental fillings to his patients in Dallas. He is a board certified prosthodontist that specializes in dental restoration, dental crowns, and large filling work. If you have large fillings that need to be replaced, he can help you. 

The Problem With Large Fillings

Large, old fillings can present a variety of issues. Although any restoration can leak, typically older fillings are more susceptible and no longer the safest option for your mouth. Saliva mixed with bacteria leaking under and around a filling can compromise the remaining tooth structure by creating cavities under the filling.

In addition, large permanent tooth fillings can even compromise the integrity of the remaining tooth structure. Imagine that a tooth is a square box, and a cavity is a hole in the center and even along the side of that box. Although, a filling is often the best option to take care of the hole, the bigger the restoration, the more likely the box is to split apart.

When to Consider Dental Crowns

Once a filling is over half the tooth width or is replacing one or multiple cusps, it is time to consider a dental crown in Dallas, Texas. Sometimes, dental crowns are called caps. They will slide around the tooth and cover the tooth on all four sides of the box, as well as the top of the box. Also, they can give the tooth full protection from the shearing forces of chewing.

Crowns can be life changing, allowing you to have the smile you’ve always wanted!

In addition to the functional benefits, crowns also offer supreme aesthetic benefits. Crowns can correct for some tooth rotations and almost all tooth shade issues. Crowns can be quite life-changing, allowing you to have the smile you’ve always wanted.

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If you are looking for dental crowns or large filling work near you, get in touch with us today. We may recommend that the fillings come out and be replaced with a crown. Crowns can be fabricated from a variety of materials. Check with your dentist, Dr. Jason Roe, to see which material is best suited for your mouth. Call us today at Pro Dental Dallas to learn more about the uses and benefits of dental crowns.

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