Reasons To See Your Dentist in Dallas

Many people put off visits to their dentist in Dallas. Your oral health is very important and can impact your overall health. Here are the top reasons you should schedule a visit with Dr. Roe.

You Are Experiencing Pain

You can experience pain in your mouth for a number of reasons. Sometimes a tooth can become infected and abscess. Other times you might deal with tooth sensitivity when the area is exposed to hot or cold foods. Whatever the pain you are experiencing, Dr. Roe can determine the cause and provide you a solution.

A Tooth is Broken or Cracked

Teeth can crack when you bite down on something that is too hard or hit your face against something. When a tooth gets cracked, you need to have a dentist look at it. Here at North Dallas Denture, we are able to handle teeth that are missing or broken.

Dentures Are Causing You Pain

Over time, dentures can get out of alignment or become ill fitting. You do not have to put up with dentures that do not fit properly. Dr. Roe can make the necessary adjustments to keep your gums from hurting.

Dental Cleaning is Needed

Dental cleanings are done by the hygienist, but the dentist looks over your teeth to make sure there are no other problems. During these checkups, Dr. Roe will determine if you have cavities or other pending issues.

In Office Tooth Whitening and Trays Are Needed

Many different things play into yellow and discolored teeth. In office whitening can make immediate changes in the color of your enamel. Trays will be fitted to your smile so that you can continue the whitening process at home.

You Do Not Like Your Smile

If you often hide your smile, we can help you. Dr. Roe is a cosmetic dentist in Dallas and he specializes in full mouth restorations. A smile makeover will give you the confidence you need to show your teeth to those around you.

Gums Are Inflamed

If you are experiencing inflammation in your gums, then you need to see your dentist. This could be a simple irritation or something more serious. Inflammation can be an indicator of gum disease or that other dental issues are present.

Previous Dental Work is Malfunctioning

Those that have had past dental work can experience issues with the solutions that were provided to them. Crowns, bridges, dentures, and other fixtures can break or be in need of repair. If old work is no longer functioning properly, we can make the necessary adjustments.

Dry Mouth is an Issue

Dry mouth is more than an inconvenience or annoyance. There can be medical reasons that you are experiencing dry mouth. Be sure to have our dental office check out this condition. We might be able to provide relief to you.
It is our pleasure to work with the people of North Dallas, Plano, Richardson and other local areas. Our patients have great things to say about our services. You are sure to be happy with our office.

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