New Years Resolution for 2015- Quit Smoking for Oral Health

If you have been trying to quit smoking for a while and need one more reason to give you motivation, consider your oral health. The nicotine wreaks havoc on your teeth and gums along with putting you at risk for cancer. Here are some things you need to know about smoking and your mouth.

Cigarettes and Pipes Cause Delayed Healing

After surgeries or dental work, you can expect the healing process to take longer if you are a smoker. When it takes longer for the mouth to heal, the more you put yourself at risk for further complications. Infections can occur along with the pain of healing tissue.

The reason for this is that it affects your overall gum health. Soft tissue of the gums has a hard time connecting to the bone. It also affect blood flow to the gums, which is another reason wounds take longer to heal.

Smoking affects the normal functions of the cells in your gumline. You can expect to have periodontal issues arise over the course of time from indulging in this habit.

Smoking Discolors Tooth Enamel and Increases Plaque

If you have been a smoker for several years, then you probably notice that your teeth are a dingy yellow color. The nicotine cause discoloration that can only be reversed by tooth whitening.

It also increases the amount of plaque and tartar found on the teeth. The more plaque you have on your teeth, the more at risk you are for cavities and tooth rot. If you do not visit the dentist on a regular basis for cleanings, you can expect to need tooth replacements over the years.

The Chances of Oral Cancer Increase

While we are seeing people go through cancer treatments with success than we once did, it is best to stay away from lifestyle choices that put you at risk for a disease that kills. No, not everyone that smokes develops cancer, but you have a higher chance of oral cancer if you smoke or chew tobacco.

Bad Breath That Doesn’t Go Away With a Mint

The smell of cigarette and pipe smoke lingers for a long time. Your breath is not easily freshened if you are a smoker. Even if eat a mint, the stench will still come through. It is impossible to hide the smell of cigarettes.

In order for you to have fresh breath, you must go several weeks without smoking. This gives skin cells the chance to die, taking the smell with it.

Dental Implants Are Less Successful in Smokers

Here at North Dallas Denture Center, Dr. Roe specializes in dental implants in Dallas. However, some people are not good candidates for this procedure. In order for an implant to be successful, a patient must have good bone health.

Smoking causes a decrease in bone density, especially in the jaw line. Since the nicotine leads to gum disease, which is a leading cause of tooth loss, it is likely you will need tooth replacements at some point. Since smoking makes it harder for the mouth to heal and leads to bone loss, dental implants may not be the solution. 

North Dallas Denture Center Helps Patients Smile Bigger

This is a long line of reasons that can keep you motivated to quit smoking. Make 2015 the year of good oral health. If you have concerns about your tooth health, please contact us today so that we may help you achieve your best smile.

If you have been a long time smoker and are in need of oral care, we can meet with you and discuss your treatment options. Dr. Roe is a highly skilled prosthodontist that specializes in dentures and dental implants. He has the ability to give you solutions to your most delicate problems.

Please feel free to make your consultation appointment today so that we can get started.

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