Protect Your Child’s Smile With These 5 Tips This Halloween

During the rush and aftermath of Halloween, your child might need a visit to your friendly dentist, Dr. Jason Roe. This is because the constant exposure to sugary sweets and treats could harm your child’s oral health and cause cavities to flourish.Until you are able to bring your child to the dentist, our team here at Pro Dental Dallas is happy to provide you with these five simple tips for this festive season:

1. Time to divvy up the candy. Not only for their oral health but for their overall health as well. It is best your child does not eat the candy all in one sitting. This strategy can spread things out and protect your teeth from an overload of sugar that can create cavities.

2. Game time. If you turn the candy distribution into a game, you can make it a reward for your family. Feel free to get creative and fun! If your child wins at a board game, then give them a treat. Or if they help you with extra household chores, a sweet treat sounds like a yummy reward. This will make candy more of a special treat rather than a common daily food item.

3. Another fun activity could be to challenge your children. If they surprise you or do fun Halloween tricks on you, give them a piece of candy and make it a game! Having family games is always a great way to bring a family closer together and memorable. This will also be an effective way to hold the candy until they succeed.

4. Teach your children the value of bartering. You can treat the candy almost like currency. If your child wants a new toy, then perhaps they can trade it for their candy. They can use the candy to help them have other things they want around the house while getting rid of the sugary treats that can hurt their teeth.

5. Money can also be used to trade for candy. Talk to your kids about emptying their trick-or-treating bag while filling their piggy bank. This can help teach kids the value of money as they trade their candy for cash they can apply to something else they want, like new shoes or toys.

Our team cares about your oral health and wants you and your family to have a safe and wonderful holiday. To learn about where we are located, click here. We also would like to welcome you to come in for a dental cleaning. If you feel it’s time and would like to set up an appointment, call us today at 972-931-1777 or click here to schedule online. Until we get the chance to see you, we wish you the best holiday season!

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