Protect to Preserve Your Smile

Did you know that sharks can lose around twenty teeth each week? Marine biologist Michelle Wcisel has estimated that Great White Sharks will lose nearly 30,000 teeth throughout their lifetime. Perhaps it’s a good thing the tooth fairy does not visit sharks because she couldn’t afford it!

Humans typically have twenty primary teeth, also known as baby teeth, and thirty-two permanent teeth as adults to last their whole lifetime. That is why, there are great dental tips you can follow to help protect and preserve your smile, so you can make it last a very long time.

Ice chewing or gnawing on pencils, pens, and other hard objects can cause you to crack or chip a tooth. Your teeth are strong, but even they have their limits. Ice cubes may be sugar-free, but they can still cause damage and pain to your teeth.

If you love to play contact sports, then wearing a mouthguard could save your smile. As you know, contact sports can be rough and you can easily find yourself injured from the fun in the game. Having a mouthguard can reduce the risk of serious injury to your teeth, and help prevent it from being chipped, fractured, or even knocked out completely.

Tongue piercings or other oral piercings are also dangerous for your teeth and gums. The metal can cause damage to your teeth, and bacteria can linger around it, allowing it to seep it into your gums which can lead to gum disease.

Teeth grinding is another threat to your smile. Bruxism, which is also known as teeth grinding, occurs at night when you are asleep. This can cause your teeth to wear down and cause damage to your enamel. Seeking treatment for this could help keep your smile safe for years.

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