Poor Oral Health Can Show Signs Of Other Health Concerns

Did you know that there is a lot that can be learned about your overall health from the condition of your teeth? There are some diseases that we can be tipped off about when giving you an oral exam. Here are some things that would cause Dr. Roe concern and prompt him to recommend you see a doctor.

Diabetes Can Be Detected

When you have inflammation in your gums, it can be a sign of periodontal disease. Also, it can be a sign that you have diabetes. You can be sent to a periodontist for a diabetes evaluation. Then a follow up with your doctor from there.

It would seem that the reason diabetes is related to swollen gums, is that the condition causes you to have a drier mouth. When your mouth is dry and you are not producing as much saliva, you hold onto plaque. The more plaque on your teeth, the more trouble you have with your oral health.

Other signs of diabetes can be multiple abscesses on the gums. Also, bad breath that smells like sour fruit can be another indicator.

Heart Disease is More Common in Patients With Periodontal Disease

People who have periodontal disease are more likely to develop heart disease than those that have healthy teeth. Likewise, if the periodontal disease is treated, it can improve the heart disease.

This makes one wonder why periodontal disease and heart disease seem to go hand in hand. The common thread is inflammation in the gums and inflammation in the body. When a person is dealing with that much inflammation in the mouth, it is causing stress to their whole system.

Osteoporosis Can Be Spotted By Bone Loss

When you visit North Dallas Denture Center, your cosmetic dentist Dallas, we take X-rays of your teeth. The result from the X-rays can show us what is going on in the bone structure around the mouth.

One day, we might have the capabilities of leading patients with osteoporosis to go and get checked out based off of bone density.

Acid Reflux Disease is Evident in the Mouth

A lot of people deal with acid reflux disease and aren’t aware of the damaging effects. The acid can throat damage as well as eat away at your teeth. When we are giving you an oral exam, we can see the amount of erosion to your teeth. This can be a sign that you have acid reflux disease.

North Dallas Denture Center Works With Patients

Dr. Roe is very attentive to his patients here at NDDC. He takes the time necessary to do a full exam of everyone that comes in the door. With his extensive knowledge in the field and his careful eye, he works with patients to see that they have the best possible oral health care.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us today. We are a cosmetic dentist Dallas and ready to schedule you for a consultation appointment to discuss your health concerns.

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