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Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a replacement option when a person still has some of their natural teeth. If all of the teeth were missing, a full mouth denture would be the ideal treatment. In some instances, when teeth remain, a partial denture is a great option. Partial dentures have one distinct advantage over conventional full-mouth dentures in that they attach to the remaining teeth to yield an increase in retention.

The remaining teeth can help the partial to be stable and not move around in the mouth while chewing and talking. Depending on which natural teeth remain, some partial dentures can be very retentive. Partial dentures in Dallas, Texas come in a variety of styles. Most all are a combination of acrylic gums and teeth and a metal substructure for strength.

Types of Partial Dentures

Partial dentures mostly differ in their design. There can literally be hundreds of ways to design a partial. The most popular partial dentures are made of a cast metal substructure and then overlaid with acrylic. These traditional partials provide comfort, strength, and longevity.

Other types of partial dentures can be all-acrylic partials and clasp-less partials. These partials differ in how they are supported and retained in the mouth. Regardless of the type of partial denture, all partial dentures can be removed from the mouth.

This creates the optimum scenario for cleaning. Partials also afford the benefit of being able to replace a large number of missing back teeth. If the back teeth are completely missing, a tooth-supported bridge is not an option because there is no back tooth to support the bridge. In these instances, the only options involve dental implants or partial dentures. 

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