Overdentures received their name because they are a denture that goes over something. That something is most often a dental implant or dental implants, but can also be retained teeth. When smiling, an overdenture will look very similar to a conventional full mouth denture. The difference is in how they function. Let’s explore the benefits of implant and/or tooth overdentures in Dallas, Texas.

Implant-retained Overdentures

An implant overdenture is a denture that rests over the top of one or multiple implants. Like their conventional counterparts, you can remove these dentures from your mouth. Overdentures differ from conventional full mouth dentures in that they are connected to dental implants anchored into the jawbone.

This creates a very desirable advantage. Implant-retained overdentures click onto an abutment connected to the dental implant. This clicking into place creates a denture that will stay very still in the mouth.

Recipients often report absolutely no denture movement, and that is without the use of any denture adhesive! In this situation, the denture still receives its support from the mouth tissues and jawbone, but the dental implants increase the denture retention, or its ability not to move. Since the implants do not support the denture, most patients can receive a major benefit in denture retention from as few as two dental implants.

Tooth-retained overdentures

Tooth-retained overdentures also afford one the ability of increased retention of their denture. This treatment modality is not universal, but in some instances, it can be a great option if a couple of teeth can be saved and have had root canals. The main disadvantage is that this modality uses teeth for retention, which always creates a possibility of future tooth cavities. If this option is for you, you must be diligent about careful cleaning of the remaining teeth to keep them healthy for many years.

Contact Us to Find Your Best Option

In some cases, a conventional full mouth denture can be converted to an overdenture. If your denture is older and does not fit as well any more, if you have very little dental ridges remaining, or if you’re struggling with denture adhesive every morning, consider an implant-retained overdenture. Talk with Dr. Jason Roe to learn more about the process. It truly can be life changing!

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