Multiple Tooth Replacement

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If you are looking into tooth replacement options near you, there are several tooth replacement options available. Depending on the number of teeth affected, using dental implants for multiple missing tooth replacement allows for the most natural functioning and feeling teeth. When multiple teeth have been lost due to gum disease, trauma, or cavities, multiple dental implants can be placed where the teeth were once positioned to provide long term oral health and support.

These small titanium posts then allow multiple crowns or dental bridges to be attached. The jawbone forms a strong bond with the titanium implant posts, ensuring that your crowns or bridges are stable and secure while also helping protect against future bone loss.

Once attached, dental implant supported dentures can function just like natural teeth. A dental implant allows the user to smile, chew, and talk just like the teeth were never lost in the first place. The dental implants restore the appearance, function, and health of the mouth.

If you have lost multiple teeth, are not a candidate for a tooth-supported dental bridge, and/or do not wish to have something removable such as a partial denture, multiple tooth replacement using dental implants in Dallas, Texas, may be the treatment your dentist recommends for you. We invite you to contact us today at Pro Dental Dallas to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Jason Roe to explore your options. If you need tooth replacement services near you, call us today at 972-962-9872 to discover how we can restore your smile with multiple tooth replacement and dental implants.

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