Learn About Cavity Prevention Here

Cavities can destroy your smile one tooth at a time. Dental problems like cavities can become painful and costly conditions, which is why it is always best to avoid them. Luckily, there are ways to prevent tooth decays and fight for the healthy smile you deserve.

Each day, you will need to brush your teeth twice. This will keep plaque and bacteria from settling in your teeth from the foods you eat throughout the day. Floss and mouthwash should also be used daily to rid your mouth of any extra bacteria in the hard-to-reach-places.

Your diet is also an important factor in your oral health. Having a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables will help your teeth stay strong and your body stay healthy as you go throughout your day.

Fluoride is an excellent mineral for your oral health. This is because it nourishes and strengthens your tooth enamel and helps to fight off tooth decay. Make sure you take advantage of professional fluoride treatments when you come in for your dental visit.

The most effective step in cavity prevention is to visit your dentist, Dr. Jason Roe, every six months. Having a regular dental visit and exam can help prevent major dental problems, including tooth decay and gum disease.

Our staff at Pro Dental Dallas is happy to help you with any cavity prevention and oral health care needs. To learn more about our office and location, click here. Otherwise, call 972-931-1777 or click here to schedule an appointment with us. If you feel it is time for a dental cleaning, please come on in and let us help you win the fight against cavities and tooth decay!


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