Improve and Enhance Your Smile Now with Dental Veneers

Do your teeth have an array of imperfections? If so, dental veneers might be right for you! Dental veneers are thin, porcelain shells that cover your teeth and hide their unattractive characteristics. Because they are made in a dental lab, they can match the natural shape of your chompers and provide white and perfect results.

When placing dental veneers on your smile, you should expect two separate appointments at Pro Dental Dallas. At the first appointment, Dr. Jason Roe will perform a thorough examination of your smile. This will help him know if you have an adequate amount of enamel to secure the veneers. If one or more of your teeth have big dental fillings or have extremely thin tooth enamel, Dr. Roe might recommend helping the tooth with a dental crown.

Once all of your teeth have been examined, Dr. Roe will remove a small section of your teeth (to make room for the veneers), take an impression of your teeth, and send that impression to a professional dental lab. There the technicians will create the perfect veneers for you.

When your veneers are created, they will be sent back to Pro Dental Dallas. This is when you will come back in for a second appointment. During this visit, your dentist will check the veneers to make sure they fit correctly and then will cement them into place.

If you have any questions about dental veneers in Dallas, Texas, or if you would like to see if this treatment is right for your smile, please call 972-931-1777 to schedule an appointment, or click here to schedule online. We also invite you to learn more about dental veneers by clicking here.

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