Implant-Supported Bridges

implant bridges

Implant-supported bridges are very similar to tooth-supported bridges except that the entire bridge rests on two or more implants. Sometimes the area of missing teeth is a large span. In these instances, using a tooth-supported bridge from one remaining tooth to another would create a dental bridge that is too long. A tooth-supported bridge would have difficulty being strong enough in the middle not to flex and have issues.

Problem: Missing tooth span is too long for a tooth-supported

In other instances, the missing teeth are at the end of the dentition. A tooth-supported bridge is not an option in this circumstance because there would be no back tooth to support the bridge. This situation requires dental implants. After dental implants are placed and found to be soundly in the bone, an abutment is placed. The abutments on each dental implant support the implant-supported dental bridge.

Solution: Implant-supported bridge

Maybe you’re suffering from periodontal disease and you are missing multiple natural teeth at the back of your mouth, dental implants may be a great replacement treatment option. If you want to decrease the number of dental implants you receive, your dentist at Pro Dental Dallas may suggest  implant-supported dental bridges in Dallas, Texas, as one of the best long term  available replacement options for your smile. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Jason Roe today to discover your options. Let us give you something to chew on!

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