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Immediate Dentures

Many people benefit from having a set of immediate dentures made. When an individual has missing teeth or teeth that need to be extracted, immediate dentures will provide an instant solution. Immediate dentures allow you to come into an appointment and walk out with your perfect smile. Once the damaged teeth are removed, the denture is set into place. You can begin adjusting to your new smile right away. Immediate dentures in Dallas, Texas, will have you leaving the office with a newfound confidence in your bright smile.


Tooth extractions need to take place for several different reasons. Maybe you have had an injury, suffer from a periodontal disease, or want to enhance the aesthetics of your smile. When a tooth or teeth need to be pulled, replacing the gaps with immediate dentures can be a great option for you. This prosthetic will also enhance your smile if you have missing teeth.


To prepare your mouth for immediate dentures, Dr. Jason Roe will conduct a thorough examination of your present smile. He will use your current teeth as a guide to make a set of immediate dentures. During this time, you have the ability to add your input on enamel shade and tooth shape. Your dentist will work with you until your smile is right where you want it.

Immediate dentures can bring an array of conveniences to you. If you have lost some of your teeth or are in need of extractions, please make a consultation appointment with Dr. Jason Roe at Pro Dental Dallas. You will not be disappointed with your end results.

We are committed to giving you the best care and treatment plans that are right for you. Schedule your consultation today and let Dr. Jason Roe and his staff treat you like family.

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