Immediate Dentures–What is the difference between immediate and conventional dentures

Immediate Dentures can fix crowded and broken down teeth

If you’ve lost some teeth, have been struggling to maintain those remaining, and are about to lose the last few, it can be quite stressful.  Many worry what will happen when their last few teeth are removed.

 Will I have to go without teeth?

A common question is, “Will I have to go without teeth?”  The short answer is absolutely not!  If things are planned appropriately an immediate denture can be placed the same day the teeth are removed.  The longer answer is as follows:  First, impressions of your remaining teeth are made and placed on an apparatus that allows the dentist to mimic how you open and close.  With your help, new teeth are selected.  These will be your future teeth.  You can give input on the size, shape, and color.  At this point, the teeth that you are going to lose are removed from the stone model replica.  After they are removed, the teeth you have chosen are set in place correcting any crowding or misalignment.  With the new, beautiful teeth in their ideal place, the immediate denture can be fabricated.

Immediate Dentures can be placed immediately

After the immediate denture has been fabricated, an appointment is made for you to have the remaining diseased teeth removed.  Sedation dentistry may even be considered for making that appointment as comfortable as possible.  After the teeth have been removed, Dr. Roe will insert the immediate denture.  The immediate denture replaces what was just removed as well as teeth you may have lost many years ago.  Not only does the immediate denture allow for immediate replacement, it also serves as a bandage for more comfortable and quicker healing after the teeth removal.

Immediate Dentures are often followed with conventional dentures

As you heal from the teeth removal procedure, the bone in your mouth supporting your ridges will remodel.  This means that the bone will dissolve away in some areas as the body seeks to find a new comfortable spot.  After this remodeling occurs, your immediate denture may not fit as it initially did.  At this point, you may be faced with a choice of relining your current immediate denture or fabricating a new, full mouth denture.   There are benefits to both and often the main deciding factor is the aesthetics of the immediate denture.

Regardless of how you choose to proceed after complete healing, you can still rest happy knowing that you never had to go without your teeth.  No matter how you present, we always strive to have you leave looking and feeling better.

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