If You Wear Dentures In Dallas…You Are Not Alone!

Have you spent years hiding the appearance of your teeth from others? Have you seen decay rotting away your bite? Have you completely lost some of your teeth or worn them down to the point they no longer function?

Are you struggling to chew with old, ill-fitted dentures? If for any of these reasons, flashing your smile causes you concern, you are not alone!

Dentures Have Advanced Over The Years

Based on studies, we know that people are receiving better oral care than ever before; therefore helping retain their natural teeth longer than previous generations.

However, with the increased population, the need for partial and full dentures continues to rise.  There is a very good chance that you may be in need of denture services. Once again- you are not alone!

Wearing dentures offers many great benefits:

  • Immediate restoration of your smile as soon as the problematic teeth are removed
  • Restoration of facial contours and features
  • Allows the ability to efficiently and successfully chew most foods
  • Replaces one or missing teeth
  • Customization of desired shade and arrangement and shade of teeth

If you have never worn dentures and are concerned about the effectiveness, or you are settling with unsightly dentures that you are just “wearing”, make an appointment today.

We’ve seen it happen time and again. A patient walks in with a smile they do not like, and walk out with one that they love. It is incredible the transformation that dentures can provide for a person.

Dr. Roe Offers Dentures In Dallas

Here at North Dallas Denture Center, we know how to address the comfort and limitations of dentures. Dr. Roe is committed to working with each patient one and one to provide the best possible substitute for natural teeth.

Not only do we offer dentures here in the Dallas and Plano area, but we also have other dental treatment solutions that we offer as well. Dental implants are a very popular choice for people. This gives a permanent solution for your oral health care needs.

Regardless of the treatment plan, you will no longer need to hide your smile behind your lips, or worse yet, your hands. You are not alone—We are here to help!

For a consultation, contact us.

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