How to Clean Dentures

Clean Dentures different than Natural Teeth

Clean dentures do not happen by accident.  Dentures are not natural teeth and you care for them differently than you would your natural teeth.  Natural teeth must be brushed with tooth paste and flossed.  Dentures, on the other hand, don’t need to be cleaned the same way.  Dentures can, and should, be removed from the mouth each and every night.  Removing the dentures before bed allows one’s mouth tissues a chance to breathe and rest.  This creates the best atmosphere for healthy tissues.  In addition to allowing the mouth to rest, removing the denture each night provides a great opportunity for routine cleaning of the denture.

Clean Dentures do not involve toothpaste

Dentures do not need to be brushed with tooth paste.  Tooth paste is abrasive.  That abrasivity is needed to remove plaque and tartar from natural teeth.  Denture teeth are made out of materials that should be smoother and collect less plaque.  Abrasive toothpaste can actually accelerate the wearing down of the denture.

The best way to clean dentures are to use scrub the dentures with a toothbrush and some antibacterial soap.  The mouth is filled with different types of bacteria.  These bacteria can collect on the denture.  To clean, we recommend filling a sink with a little bit of water.  This will help in the event that the denture is accidentally dropped.  The water in the sink will cushion the impact so nothing breaks.   Afterwards, scrub the denture with warm water and antibacterial hand soap.  Be sure to scrub both the inside and outside of the denture.  After a good cleaning, rinse all of the water and soap from the denture.

Clean Dentures with a Denture Cleaning Solution

At this point, you may place the denture in a denture cleaning solution or water overnight.  If you choose a cleaning solution, there are a variety available over the counter at various drug stores.  It is important the dentures be placed in a cleaning solution or water so that they remain wet.  When a denture dries out, it can warp.  A warped denture will not fit correctly.

The next morning, just rinse off both dentures and feel confident that you are placing a clean denture back into your mouth.  A clean set of teeth—that should make you smile!

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