Gum Disease is a Hazard

Do you feel like your gums bleed often or your teeth are getting longer? If so, you could be experiencing signs of gum disease. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, can come from an infection to your gums. If you choose to let this go untreated, your gums will become destabilized and lead to tooth loss and even bone loss. That is why it is essential to protect your mouth from gum disease.

There are things you can watch out for when it comes to finding gum disease. For example, persistent bad breath is a common indication of gum disease lurking in your smile. If your gums bleed or swell when you eat foods or brush and floss your teeth, your smile could be telling you there is a potential danger.

Do your teeth appear to have grown larger? If so, that means your gums are beginning to back away from your teeth because of the appearance of gum disease. This can also cause your teeth to become loose and move out of proper alignment. In addition, it is important to avoid risky oral health habits for your teeth that involve any use of tobacco since they can dramatically increase your risk for gum disease and cancer.

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