One of the most sought-after suburbs of Dallas, Garland Texas, offers an excellent opportunity to live and grow. This thriving city is known for its low crime rate, diverse population, and abundance of outdoor recreation. However, the town also has its share of drawbacks. If your lifestyle does not align with Garland’s, you might want to consider moving elsewhere.

Garland is a predominantly Christian community. It is part of the largest Christian-dominated metro area in the United States. Garland is home to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas, the largest Roman Catholic jurisdiction in the United States. Although Garland is predominantly Christian, there are several other religious denominations that have large congregations.

While Garland is close to the bustling city of Dallas, its housing prices are about 33% lower. Despite being a mid-sized city, Garland is friendly to all types of families. Currently, the median household income in Garland is $53,000. The city’s low rent prices make it ideal for families with children, as well as people who need to commute to work in Dallas for jobs.

Visitors to Garland can take advantage of the area’s water parks, which offer a range of water activities. At its surf and swim water park, visitors can play surfing on the waves, or splash around in the lazy river. The park also has a restaurant and bar. It is open from late May until around Labor Day.

There are a number of things to do in Garland on the weekends. There are plenty of water parks and beaches, and there are numerous outdoor activities in the summertime. But on hot days, most families prefer to spend their money on a trip to the pool instead of exploring the outdoors. Garland also has an array of restaurants catering to all tastes. For Mexican food, Christina’s is a favorite.

Located close to Dallas, Garland Texas has a vibrant population and diverse economy. Garland is also a major manufacturing center, and its apparel is exported around the world. There are many shopping opportunities in the town. The famous Resistol Hat Plant is also located in the town. This makes Garland the Cowboy Hat Capital of Texas.

Garland’s downtown area is full of culture and history. Local restaurants and art galleries make this area an appealing place to visit. You can also check out the Plaza Theatre and Granville Arts Center. The downtown area is also home to many live music performances. At night, the downtown is filled with musicians. At any time of the year, there’s a chance to enjoy the local cuisine.

The city has an arts center and a Nicholson Memorial Library. In addition to its cultural institutions, Garland has a diverse history. Founded in 1870, the town was named after U.S. Attorney General Augustus Hill Garland. Click here for the next city.

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