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Veneers & All-ceramic Crown

When Amy first arrived at our office, she wasn’t happy with her smile. She had some tooth colored fillings placed on her front teeth many years earlier and now those fillings were starting to stain and look worn. The fillings were placed to close gaps between her teeth. She now desired to have a more aesthetic solution. Amy was encouraged to seek orthodontics to straighten her teeth and a periodontics to lengthen her teeth, but she did not want to wait the necessary treatment times. Amy elected to have teeth whitening and then follow with porcelain veneers on her top front 6 teeth. Amy’s outcome could have been far more aesthetic if coupled with orthodontics and a crown lengthening surgery, but Amy was more than happy. With no more stained teeth, she’s ready for many years of smiling!

Veneers & Crowns

Running a restaurant and engaging with so many people every day, Mary decided it was time for a new smile that would light up the room. She wanted straighter, whiter teeth without having to wear braces for years. A combination of 12 crowns and veneers were placed on the upper arch and her lower teeth were whitened to match in just 2 appointments. Now, in addition to a friendly greeting, Mary welcomes customers with her beautiful smile.


Brian presented to our office searching for an acceptable way to close the gap between his front teeth. He had seen another dentist and been told that they only way to close the gap was two crowns. He didn’t like the idea of crowning the teeth and desired to explore the possibility of two veneers. After a treatment workup, it was decided that Brian could benefit from two veneers. Brian began his treatment with take-home whitening trays. After whiting to his desired level, two all-ceramic veneers were completed. Brian was very happy to have the gap closed and not have to have two crowns completed.

Dental Implant & All-ceramic Crown

Mr. W presented missing a top lateral incisor. He was constantly self-conscious about smiling. He wanted to explore the options to replace this missing tooth. A tooth-supported bridge was not a good option because the adjacent teeth had no restorations and were healthy. In addition, a partial denture seemed too obtrusive simply to replace one missing tooth. Mr. W elected to have a dental implant placed. Afterwards, an abutment and crown were connected to the dental implant thus restoring his smile. No more missing tooth; no more inhibitions to smiling!

Dental Implants & Crowns

Mr. R is another patient like Mr. T. He presented with severe wear associated with all of his teeth. Mouth issues like Mr. R’s are extremely complex. First one has to determine what caused the wear. In Mr. R’s case it was a combination of erosion and grinding. Next, the cause has to be treated before the teeth can be full restored. Afterwards, Mr. R’s treatment began. His treatment consisted of a full mouth rehabilitation. Mr. R had crown lengthening surgeries, root canals, a dental implant placed, and a full mouth of crowns. The complexity of Mr. R’s treatment lies in the sequence that the procedures are performed. There is no quick fix for a complex full mouth rehabilitation. After his carefully-devised treatment was completed, Mr. R had a comfortable bite and a beautiful smile.

Crowns & Veneers

Mr. T presented to Dr. Roe while Dr. Roe was in the military. Mr. T was a soldier who had some severe mouth issues. He was ready to receive any treatment necessary to restore his mouth so he could smile and function for many years to come. Mr. T had severe teeth wear from grinding his teeth often. His top and bottom teeth were very short which caused his mouth to be overclosed and his face to show more wrinkles. His treatment consisted of crown lengthening surgery to expose more tooth structure, some needed root canals, and 28 crowns. At the completion of a very long treatment, Mr. T was asked if he would do it again. He replied, “Absolutely, I love my new smile!”

Full Mouth Dentures

Barbara presented with an all-too-common story. She had an existing set of dentures that she did not wear. She stated that they were terribly uncomfortable and she had not worn them for months. The dentures felt too large in her mouth and she desired to have teeth that functioned just as good as they looked. After a number of appointments, Barbara received her new set of custom dentures. These dentures were made to fit her mouth exactly. In addition to looking great, Barbara is able to now have comfort in chewing.

Immediate Dentures

Carla’s case was complicated as she had no opposing teeth that touched. Many of her teeth hurt, and she was not able to eat well enough to sustain proper nutrition. Her existing teeth were extracted and full upper and lower dentures were custom fitted for her. The result changed not only her smile, but her life, as well.

Full Mouth Dentures 

Delbert’s existing upper and lower denture caused him several problems. His dentures were moving around a lot, and he was not able to bite evenly on either side. A new traditional upper denture was custom made and implants were placed under his lower denture for a secure hold. The results were a precise bite along with aesthetics that show his upper and lower teeth when he smiles.

Immediate Dentures

Joe presented to our office missing many teeth. The teeth that remained were either crowned or heavily broken down. For years, Joe had “patched” things as needed. He had been wearing a temporary partial denture, but due to his broken down bite, the temporary partial had broken and Joe was very close to going on a cruise. Joe opted to receive immediate dentures. At the same time the teeth were removed dental implants and immediate dentures were placed. He was able to chew and smile immediately after having the problematic teeth removed. Ten months later Joe opted to have a new set of dentures made that would snap onto the dental implants. These new overdentures, not only provided Joe with a natural smile, but also gave him the confidence and comfort to know that his dentures would not have any movement.

Dental Implants, Crowns, &
Tooth-Supported Bridges

Ms. L presented very afraid of the dentist. That fear had historically kept her from receiving the necessary mouth care that she needed. At the time of exam, Ms. L knew she had some mouth problems. One of her top front teeth was failing due to a large cavity. She had other cavities as well. In addition, because she had went so long missing some of her back teeth, other teeth had drifted down or forward into those spaces. Ms. L’s treatment progressed slowly so she could regain confidence in dental care. As she realized she had no need to be afraid, her comfort and confidence grew. Her smile makeover was achieved by dental implants, crowns, and bridges. This treatment truly changed her life. Now, she’s not afraid of the dentist, receives the routine checkups needed, and smiles all the time!

All-ceramic Crowns & Veneers

After a successful career in a rewarding field, Mr. J was changing jobs. He was retiring from his lifelong occupation. He was in the process of taking a new, very prestigious position with another firm in a different field. This new position had many more demands. The norm now involved client relations and interactions. A smile and a handshake were paramount. Mr. J, however didn’t like his smile. He had a few crowns on his top front teeth that were different colors than his teeth. In addition, some of the teeth had some white spots. He tried in-office whiting, but was unable to achieve the results that he wanted. After 10 all ceramic crowns and veneers, Mr. J had a remarkable smile. Later, after treatment was finished, Mr. J was asked how the new job was going. He smiled and said, “fantastic.”

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