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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

One of the most life-changing dental treatments is full mouth rehabilitation. The team here at Pro Dental offers this service to our patients. Dr. Roe is a cosmetic dentist in Dallas that is able to completely makeover your mouth.

Why Do You Need a Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

There are many reasons one might need full mouth rehabilitation. It could be that you are a patient who suffered from intraoral cancer and lost part or all of your teeth and jaw. Or, perhaps, you have always ground your teeth. Years of teeth grinding can result in short nubs of teeth that remain. Another scenario could be you’ve successfully survived a motor vehicle accident, only to live with a severely compromised dentition that looks worse than it functions. Lastly, it could also be that you just didn’t always know what you know now, that brushing and flossing work much better than an apple a day.

Consider The Options

Regardless of what brought you to the state that you are in, a full mouth reconstruction is a service we offer here in Dallas, Texas. It can involve a team approach with many dentists and dental specialists. Team members might include oral surgeons, orthodontists, and even root canal specialists. As a prosthodontist, Dr. Jason Roe has advanced training in quarterbacking and treating complex dental situations. When it comes to a team approach, oral surgeons, orthodontists, and other specialists look to the prosthodontist to be the team captain.

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If your mouth health is in a very bad state and you’re ready to make it a healthy and comfortable mouth, visit Dr. Jason Roe. Call us at Pro Dental Dallas for a consultation today at 972-931-1777.

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