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Full Mouth Dentures

Full mouth dentures, or conventional dentures, are probably the most widely used complete teeth replacement treatment in the world. For centuries, this type of replacement prosthetic has allowed people to regain their lost dentition. Full mouth dentures are for people who have lost all of their teeth. These dentures will replace all missing teeth, as well as any missing gum tissue. Full mouth dentures have a variety of benefits:

  • Replaces all missing hard and soft tissue (i.e., teeth and gums)
  • Restores the smile to optimum aesthetics
  • Removes easily for cleaning
  • Supports the lips and facial tissue
  • Allows for the ability to chew food much better
  • Aids in correct sound when talking and singing

Full mouth dentures are a time-tested treatment. It is estimated that out of the 23 million Americans that are completely without teeth, 90% have full mouth dentures.

If you are missing all of your teeth, let us show you how a full mouth denture in Dallas, Texas, can get you back on track – how it can restore your confidence and give you something to smile about!

Schedule a consultation today at Pro Dental Dallas to review your options for restoring your smile with our experienced dentist, Dr. Jason Roe.

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