Fixed Dentures (Hybrids)

Fixed dentures are fixed in the mouth so that they cannot be taken out by anyone other than the dentist. Fixed dentures are also called hybrids. They are called hybrids in that they are a hybrid between a denture and an implant-supported bridge.Fixed dentures are made to replace missing soft and hard tissue, or teeth and gums. The replacement looks similar to a denture but is connected to multiple dental implants. Unlike an implant-retained overdenture, fixed dentures are retained and supported by dental implants. This means that the fixed denture doesn’t really rest much on the mouth tissue and jaw, but instead rests on the dental implants. For this reason, a fixed denture must rest on a minimum of four implants. In some instances, the number of required implants may be six to eight.Fixed dentures are considered the “Cadillac” of dental treatment. These hybrid prostheses offer a beautiful natural smile, a full complement of teeth for chewing, and absolutely no movement of the teeth in the mouth. In addition, they do not come out of the mouth except when removed by the dentist for routine evaluation and cleanings.In some cases, it is possible for a temporary fixed denture to be placed the same day the last teeth are removed. In these instances, all remaining teeth are removed, 4-6 dental implants are placed, and a temporary fixed denture is inserted to be worn while healing occurs.If you’ve lost all of your teeth or are on the verge of losing your teeth, and want something that cannot be removed from the mouth, a fixed denture in Dallas, Texas, may be the best option for you.We welcome you to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Jason Roe to discuss your options. Call us today at Pro Dental Dallas!