Dr. Roe Offers Smile Makeovers

Did you know that many people do not like the way their smile looks? Maybe you are one of those people. If so, Dr. Roe has the ability to give you a smile makeover.

What is a Smile Makeover?

When it comes to makeovers, you expect a person to walk away with noticeable changes to their appearance. That is exactly what happens when Dr. Roe has a patient who is in need of full mouth restoration.

In our office, it is our goal to make sure you walk out with the smile that you have always longed for. Dr. Roe will sit down with you and discuss your oral health goals and come up with a treatment plan that words best for you.

Dr. Roe’s Dental Gallery

It is a true privilege to have people come in and walk away with amazing changes after a few appointments. These are a few of the cases we have seen in our office. You will be shocked at how different a person can look when their teeth have been restored.

Carla Received Dentures

When Carla came to our office, she had a lot of tooth pain. It made it difficult for her to eat, which caused a lot of health issues. We removed all of her teeth on the top and bottom gums to eliminate the pain she was experiencing.

Once she had her teeth extracted, we created dentures that looked like her natural teeth did at one time. She was fitted for both top and bottom dentures.

The results were simply astounding. She looked younger, had functioning teeth, and the ability to sustain a healthy diet.

Brian Received Dental Veneers

Brian had a gap in his teeth that he wanted to see closed in. He had no desire to have crowns placed on his teeth. The solution Dr. Roe came up with used veneers. This gave him the solution to the gap without going with crowns.

After using whitening solution to get his teeth to the color he desired, Dr. Roe completed his treatment. He walked away incredibly happy with the changes that were made to his smile.

Mary Received Crowns and Veneers

Mary wanted to have straighter teeth without the inconvenience of years wearing braces. In order to get around adult braces, Dr. Roe worked up a treatment plan that used a combination of crowns and veneers.

Instead of spending years in braces, she was able to have the smile she hoped for after 2 simple visits. What a time saver, and the results she hoped for. The change allowed her to feel more confident smiling at her customers.

These are a few of the examples of the type of dental work that Dr. Roe is capable of. We are so grateful for the patients that come into our office and walk away feeling confident in the way they look.

If you are ready to schedule your appointment, please feel free to call us today. We will set you up with a consultation appointment in order to get your treatment plan in order.

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