Do You Know Why You Should Brush Twice a Day?

Do you think it’s not a big deal if you fall asleep before brushing your teeth? Well, each time you don’t brush your teeth, more plaque and bacteria build up which can lead to gum disease, cause tooth loss and even bone loss. Now, the question becomes, why would you want to ignore brushing your teeth if it could lead to you having no teeth?

If you have ever felt a thin film on your teeth, or they feel like they are sticky, this is a sign of plaque making themselves at home on your teeth. Not only can plaque turn into tartar which causes cavities, but it can cause inflammation too. With the ongoing threat of gum disease on the way, it’s extremely important to keep your teeth clean.

Skipping the two minutes it takes to brush your teeth will keep bacteria festering in your smile. If you brushed them away, you are keeping your breath fresh and smile healthy. There are other things you can do between brushing your teeth each day such as chewing sugar-free gum, using mouthwash, or chewing a sugar-free breath mint to help between meals.

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