Did You Know That 90% Of Bad Breath Comes From A Dirty Tongue?

Here is an alarming fact, did you know that 90% of bad breath comes from having a dirty tongue? Many people have bad breath and do not even know it.

Most people will not tell you that your breath smells bad. In general, they will try not to get too close to you. To avoid that, there are some things you can do to make sure the smell coming out of your mouth is not offensive.

Buy A Tongue Scraper

Have you ever scraped your tongue before? If you have not invested in a tongue scraper, then it is time for you to do that.

A tongue scraper can be purchased on the dental hygiene aisle at pharmacies and some grocery stores. You can purchase a plastic or metal one. Both are effective.

This small cleaning tool can make the difference between fresh breath and offensive breath.

How to Scrape Your Tongue

This is a very simple process that takes just a few minutes to complete. Place the rounded edge of the scraper as far back on your tongue as possible without gagging yourself. Add a small amount of pressure and pull the scraper forward.

Rinse off the bacteria from the scraper. You might need to do this a few times to ensure that all of the bacteria comes off of your tongue.

It is important to get as far back on your tongue as possible. Food particles can get stuck far back on the tongue.

You will need to scrape down the middle of your tongue and then rinse the scraper. Then scrape down on the side of your tongue and rinse again. Do this on the other side of your tongue as well. This will ensure the entire surface of your tongue is clean.

Follow up scraping your tongue with rinsing your mouth out with water or mouthwash. This will help to further clean your tongue.

How to Clean My Tongue Scraper

Your scraper should be rinsed off every time you use it. Consider scrubbing it down with your tooth brush on occasion. Mucous can tend to stick to parts of the scraper and not rinse off without some scrubbing.

Just like a tooth brush, you should not share it with others. It is best to purchase a scraper for each member of your family.

When your tongue is clean, you will have less bad breath. If you have never scraped your tongue before, you might be surprised at what comes off on the scraper.

North Dallas Denture Center Helps With Halitosis

If you practice regular oral hygiene and add in scraping your tongue, but still notice bad breath, we can help you. Dr. Roe can work with you to determine the cause of your halitosis and provide you with solutions.

Be sure to contact us today so that we can help you feel confident again.

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