Denture Relines – How can a denture reline help me?

Denture relines have many uses

Denture relines are often a good alternative to replacing an entire set of dentures.  Denture relines involve placing a new acrylic on the tissue side of dentures.  You see, all good dentures are made via a number of dental appointments that allow one’s denture to have a custom, intimate fit with their mouth tissues.

At the time one receives their new dentures, this fit is usually exceptional and superb.  As time passes, the bone supporting the tissue remodels.  That’s a fancy way of saying that the bone dissolves away slowly.

As the bone undergoes this slow shape transformation, the mouth tissues change in shape and position as well.  Although the changes are very small each year, imagine how different the position of the mouth tissue is after 10 years of wearing a set of dentures.

At this point, the tissues are often in such a different location, that the dentures just do not fit very well anymore.  Enter Denture Relines!

Denture relines come a variety of styles

There are two major types of denture relines:  hard and soft.  A hard reline places new acrylic on the tissue surface of dentures.  This hard acrylic is essentially the exact material that was used to fabricate your original denture.

The benefits of a hard reline are that it can be cleaned just as you normally would clean your denture.  It also requires little maintenance.  A soft reline is just that…soft.

These relines are generally more temporary and used after a mouth surgical procedure to aid in comfort.  Soft relines can not be cleaned as easily and must be replaced every few weeks.

Denture relines can greatly improve denture comfort

Denture relines allow dentures to be refitted to one’s current mouth tissues.  This will allow the dentures to again fit just as they did the very first day they received their dentures.

Denture relines may afford patients many advantages:  improved comfort, improved fit, and improved retention. Best of all, as long as your old dentures still look and function well, you’re able to achieve these benefits without having a new denture fabricated.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss if a denture reline can help you find new comfort with your current dentures.

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