Dental Implants

Dental implants were first used over a half of a century ago. Since that time, much has changed. First, the science has improved. Now we know much more. Researchers know intricate details about a dental implant and how it will interact with the human body. For instance, the dental implant surface is now specially designed to not only keep the body from rejecting the implant, but also to encourage the body to make new bone around the implant. The minutia of details could go on and on. In short, dental implants have revolutionized dentistry!

A dental implant is a titanium post. Once dental implants are gently inserted where the missing tooth once was, the body then treats it like the root of the previous tooth. Essentially, one can think of a dental implant as a tooth root replacement. Just as a root has a tooth on top of it, a dental implant then has a crown that is connected to it. Once the crown is connected, the missing tooth has been replaced.Dental implants in Dallas, Texas, offer a variety of amazing benefits, such as single tooth replacement, multiple tooth replacement, and even full mouth replacement. Dental implants can also be placed under full mouth dentures or partial dentures to keep them from moving. Once these are connected to dental implants, the denture will have no movement (and require no adhesive).

If you or a friend has lost a tooth or teeth, you’ve probably already heard of the many benefits that dental implants can offer. Now, schedule a consultation with your dentist at Pro Dental Dallas to see exactly how a dental implant can benefit your mouth. By replacing a missing tooth or teeth and keeping a denture from moving around, dental implants will restore comfort and confidence. Now that’s something to smile about!

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