7 Habits You Will Be Surprised That Damage Teeth

Did you know that some of your everyday habits can damage your natural teeth or dental work? You might be surprised to find out some the things you are doing that can mess up your smile. Since we are going into the New Year, this is the perfect time to stop doing some of these damaging habits.

1. Biting Nails Damage Teeth

Nail biting can wear down your teeth over time. If you are used to gnawing on your fingers and nails, it is time to reconsider it. Not only can it wear down your teeth, it is generally unhealthy to put your fingers in your mouth. The amount of germs on your hands can lead to many illnesses.

2. Eating Ice Can Break Dental Work and Damage Teeth

A lot of people have the habit of eating ice or popcorn kernels. This habit can wear down the enamel of your natural teeth. It also can break dental work such as dentures, crowns or bridges. These fixtures are not made to withstand biting down on something as hard as ice.

3. Piercings in and Around the Mouth Affects Gums

When you have a tongue, cheek, or lip piercing, it can wreak havoc on your gums. The metal that rubs against your gums and causes damage. This damage can lead to tooth loss or other oral health problems. Biting on a tongue ring can wear down enamel or break dental work.

4. Sucking on Cough Drops on a Regular Basis Can Lead to Cavities

This is the season when we are all getting hit with colds that cause us to cough a lot. Sucking on a cough drop can be great for your coughing, but the sugar can be bad for your teeth. The sugar gets stuck in between teeth and on dental work. The sweetener can lead to cavities as well as bad breath. It is best to rinse out your mouth after sucking on a cough drop along with limiting how many you eat.

5. Using Your Teeth to Open Packages Is Damaging

We’ve all had a package that is hard to open. What do you use when there are no scissors around? Your teeth, right? Just like eating ice, your teeth were not designed to bite down on packaging. This habit can lead to chipping or cracking of a tooth.

6. Snacking Throughout the Day Leaves Food Particles On Your Teeth

Would you believe that snacking on foods all day long can affect your teeth. When you eat something small, your mouth does not produce much saliva. The less saliva you produce when you eat will cause food to stay on your teeth. When food sticks to your teeth for hours, it can lead to cavities.

7. Chewing on Pens or Pencils Can Crack a Tooth

Do you have a nervous habit of chewing on a pen or pencil? This habit can cause the same problem as eating on ice. You can chip or crack a tooth. Also, you can wear down your teeth and eventually hit nerves.

These habits can lead to oral health problems. If you have any damage on your teeth at this time, please feel free to set up a consultation appointment. Dr. Roe is a highly experienced cosmetic dentist in Dallas. He is specialized in working with dentures, dental implants, crowns, bridges, and other oral health care problems.

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