Should I Get Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry Is Often Needed

Countless people walk around each day missing a tooth or teeth.  Some struggle with an unaesthetic smile, always hiding there smile behind their lips or, worse yet, their hand.  When a smile is guarded, confidence is affected.  As a dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry in Dallas, TX, Dr. Roe comes into contact with patients like this every day.  Below is an example of how comprehensive cosmetic dentistry helped restore one patient’s smile and confidence.

Cosmetic Dentistry At Work

Ms. A presented not very happy with her smile.  She had some white spots on her front teeth.  In addition, she had lost some teeth in the past.  Once teeth are lost, if not replaced relatively soon, other teeth can drift or move into these locations.  Her side picture in the before shows that a top tooth had drifted down into the space of the missing tooth.  Also, her back bottom tooth had tilted forward.  Had this tooth has been replaced soon after it was lost, these issues might have never occurred.  Regardless, the teeth had moved and created a situation where there was limited room to place a tooth back in that location.  Ms. A was ready to do whatever was necessary to replace the missing teeth, restore any cavities, and make her smile beautiful again.

Ms. A’s case had a number of dental areas that had to be addressed.  Cases like hers require extreme attention to detail as well as the development of a comprehensive plan.  Her cosmetic dentistry plan consisted of removing the over-erupted and tilted back teeth and placing dental implants.  In addition, all-ceramic crowns were placed across the top front teeth.  These all-ceramic crowns allowed natural light to pass through the teeth and give the appearance of a normal, vital and healthy, natural tooth but, at the same time, change the color and shape of her teeth.  A lighter shade was chosen and the crowns were made to flow naturally with the curve of her lower lip when she smiles.

Common Questions

We always take the time to answer our patients’ questions when they come in for a consultation. Here are some commonly asked questions we get regarding cosmetic dentistry:

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Safe? 

Dr. Roe is a prosthodontist and works with patients that need everything from 1 tooth to all of their teeth replaced. Of course, all medical-related treatments come with a certain amount of risk. However, we will provide you with the information you need to make a good decision for your health. 

He will put together a safe treatment plan based on your personal health history. You can feel confident in his abilities. Dr. Roe has received the Best Dentist in Dallas award many years in a row, because his peers recognize his abilities. 

What Are The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry? 

Our patients come into the office looking for a solution to their oral health problems. Often times, they are missing teeth or the verge of losing teeth. We can restore their smile so they feel confident again. Not only that, we give them the ability to eat without problems. 

These treatment options are for anyone that needs to restore their teeth, not just those that are looking for aesthetic benefits. 

How Long Does It Last? 

Just like your natural teeth, prosthetic teeth need maintenance and care. Depending on the type of treatment you received, the changes could last you almost your entire life. The best thing to do is be seen regularly for cleanings and check-ups. This way, we can provide you with early treatment options.

What Do People Get It Done? 

We have patients come into our office every day that want to feel confident when they smile. They may need anything from a crown, to an implant, to teeth whitening. Dr. Roe meets with all of our patients to learn what their oral health goals are, and then create a plan to help them achieve it. 

Cosmetic Dentistry Changes Lives

Through the use of high-quality materials, dental skill and experience, patient compliance, and a good plan, Ms. A’s smile was restored.  Cosmetic dentistry changed her life.  She can now smile with confidence.

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