Claspless Partial Denture

Claspless partial dentures are similar to traditional partial dentures in that they also are fabricated with a metal supporting substructure and acrylic teeth and gums, but they do not have the metal clasps. Traditional partial dentures use metal clasps to gently clasp onto remaining teeth to help the denture stay still. A claspless partial denture is the most aesthetic partial denture in that it can be fabricated so that no metal will show while smiling.
The claspless denture gets its retention from precision attachments that are often connected to the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth areas. These precision attachments sometimes require that the tooth receive a survey crown. Dental implants are also often used to increase the retention of a partial denture. Dental implants are located under the partial and have an attachment with the partial denture.
Regardless of the type of precision attachment used, claspless partial dentures in Dallas, Texas, are extremely aesthetic. If you are missing teeth that affect your smile, a claspless partial allows those to be replaced and still give you the most natural smile.
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