Caring for Your Dental Veneers

If you recently had your new dental veneers fitted on your teeth by our team of experts here at Pro Dental Dallas, then we have some great tips and tricks for you. Now that you have your new smile, there are oral hygiene habits to consider as you take care of your dental veneers and keep them in excellent shape for years to come.

Even though your new dental veneers are not subject to tooth decay, the natural tooth behind the dental veneer is, so you will still need to brush and floss each day. Your oral health is important when it comes to caring for your dental veneers. So, remember the basic oral health care habits and you can keep your smile beautiful for years to come!

Biting down on hard foods or other objects like fingernails, pencils or pens, and ice can damage your veneers because they are not as strong as your tooth enamel. If you want to enjoy your favorite crunchy foods, try cutting them up into smaller bites first.

If you have other questions about your dental veneers, click here to read more information on them. If you have any complications or questions, please feel free to call Pro Dental Dallas at 972-931-1777 so we can schedule an appointment, or click here to schedule online. Our team is here for you!

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