Broken Dentures – My Denture Just Broke, Now What?

Dentures are a fantastic way to restore a broken down smile.  Millions of Americans with missing teeth are wearing dentures at this very moment.  Those dentures allow one to approach the world with confidence that when they smile, they look good.  But what happens when your beautiful smile becomes a broken denture?

Broken dentures are unexpected!

So you’ve became very accustomed to your set of dentures.  When you’re wearing them, you don’t even notice that they are there anymore.  They’re just part of you.  You smile, you talk, and you eat.   Then, one day, you are eating a chicken leg and you hear a sound a feel part of your denture in your mouth.

Although this scenario doesn’t occur every day, it does occur.  Dentures typically break due to a force being applied to the denture.  One example is biting down on a bone.  Another example is dropping the denture to the floor while cleaning it.  When the force applied to the dentures is larger than the strength of the dentures, broken dentures result.  Sometimes it’s a single tooth that breaks off.   Sometimes a few teeth break off.  Sometimes the entire denture breaks in half or into pieces.

Long term use of a broken dentures is not encouraged.

Depending on the severity of the broken dentures, there are things you can do to “manage” until you can come in to see Dr. Roe.  If it’s a small problem, like a broken off back tooth, don’t worry.  No change in routine is necessary.  If a front tooth has popped of and you can pop it back into place, do so.  If necessary, you may use a very small amount of super glue on the back of the tooth.  If the entire  broken denture is broken in half, call immediately as it will be very difficult for you to manage with multiple large pieces of a single denture in your mouth.

Broken dentures can often be fixed.

Once at the office, Dr. Roe can repair your broken dentures.  A dislodged tooth can be reattached, a broken tooth can be replaced, and a cracked denture can be repaired.  If your denture has broken many times in the past, it might be time to consider a new denture.  Regardless, don’t walk around with something broken.  Don’t hide you smile because a tooth is missing.  We can help.  Call the fixers at North Dallas Denture Center.

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